TEXT MESSAGING - Important Information

The surgery will be sending text messages to inform patients when they are due for  certain review such as Blood Pressure or where we require updated information such as smoking status.  These text messages will not contain personal information such as your name etc.   Please ensure your mobile numbers are up to date. If you do not wish to receive text messages please write to us and we will update your records accordingly.

Many thanks


Call Blocking  -  Does your mobile phone accept calls from unknown numbers?

The practice are experiencing difficulty contacting patients who have provided their mobile numbers due to Call Blocking.  Generally this is when patients have provided their number during the emergency triage clinic or when the doctors or administration team need to contact a patient regarding test results etc.

If you are contacting the practice please ensure you provide a number which will receive calls from an unknown number.

Thank you


Practice Survery Notice 2017

Patient Survey 2017

The practice recently conducted a survey to ascertain if patients were aware we produced a practice newsletter and it is possible to register on-line, via our website, to have this newsletter sent directly to your email address. It is anticipated that the results of this survey will help us produce a regular newsletters which will improve communications. The full results are available within ‘Survey Results’ on the right hand side of this page.

Part of this survey included the following questions ‘would you recommend the practice to someone who had just moved into the local area?’ We are pleased to report the following

88% of patients are - Extremely Likely or Likely to recommend Old School Surgery.

7% of patients are - Neither likely nor Unlikely to recommend Old School Surgery.

2% of patients did not know if they would recommend Old School Surgery.

3% did not respond to the question.

A total of 169 comments where provided regarding the service provided by the surgery. A total of 142 of these comments were extremely positive, which is reassuring when General Practice is under extreme pressure.   27 comments related to difficulty in obtaining appointments within the practice or difficulty getting through on the telephone. The practice introduced on line services, such as, making appointments, ordering repeat medication & cancelling appointment which are available 24hrs, 7 days per week with the aim of reducing demand on our telephone system & increasing access to these services. As registration for these services increases it is anticipated that there will be less demand on our telephone system, thereby enabling greater access for services not yet available on line.

The practice also employed a new GP, Dr Williams, in January 2017. This provides additional appointments each week. Unfortunately due to limited resources and increased demand in General practice we are not in a position to increase this area further.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who took part in our survey; your feedback is always very much appreciated.

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